Who is This Tara at Fresh Interiors?

I was recently informed that a good blogger tells their audience who they are. So, I am not sure about the “good” part as this is all very new to me but I will do that.
The name is Tara Hoyte. I live in Cambridge, Ontario and to be even more specific the Village of Hespeler. I opened Fresh Interiors a interior design consulting business a couple years back. I have a passion for all things design. I went to Mohawk College for Graphic Arts originally and then went back to school for Interior Redesign. My design philosophy is all about creating spaces people want to use, not just look at. I am married with three children and this has taught me that I need to design with the entire family in mind. As much as decorating with white from flooring to ceiling can be gorgeous, it is just not a reality for my family of five plus dog! That is why my first two questions when meeting new clients are: 1) What is the purpose of the space? & 2) Who will be using it?
Now after that large ramble I should make sure to mention that we have just purchased a very traditional 1983 two storey home and the majority of my blogging will be about the projects going on there. So please check back regularly. Most of the dilemas we will be facing are ones you may even find in your own home!
Thanks again for dropping by and happy reading.


7 thoughts on “Who is This Tara at Fresh Interiors?

  1. Hello! I’ve completely stumbled upon your blog via Pintrest! I was first interested because I saw your name -Tara. That’s my name πŸ˜€ And I saw we shared an interest – interiors! Now that I’m reading about you I see you originally started in Graphics and now work on interiors. Well my first degree is interior design and I went back to school and studied graphics and am now a graphic designer! I just think it’s all interesting and I really look forward to poking around your blog! Ok… I’m done with my random going on…

    • Thanks for dropping by my blog. I truly believe that both interior and graphic design are linked. They are both about space planning, use of colour and imagination. Both are a new adventure each day!

    • You know the saying, “the best laid plans”. I had old high school lockers put in as well as a cube system for shoes and hooks above for backpacks. I also put out nicely labeled bins and a rug. Thinking I was brilliant I hung a white board so the kids could leave messages. Wow! I was amazing. Then the garage door keypad entry broke and the kids stopped using the garage as their main entry. 😦 I still encourage them to use the garage after they come in but it is a struggle. So now you have it. I will commit to showing a photo in the next couple weeks!

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