Planked Ceiling

Our family room is right off the kitchen. The kitchen has a great flat ceiling, the family room had a nasty “popcorn” ceiling. I tried painting the popcorn ceiling hoping it would fill in a bit and look less crumbled. That was a waste of time. Then I saw a Pinterest site that showed a wood slat ceiling… I loved it.

I decided this was what I wanted. I stared looking at big box stores for tongue and grove slats. I found the cheapest boards which are rustic pine at Rona. $5.49 for a 10sq. Ft. Package. The boards are less then perfect but I like the character.

So the plan was to install pot lights as well but once we priced that out it went out the window for now. We eventually will be moving the light in front of the fireplace to the centre of the room.

My hubs added a piece of trim so we had a clean end to the boards. We had to do so because of the drop down.

For the time being I am going to leave the ceiling natural but once it warms up I will be painting it white.


Painted Bench Seat

Yep! Liking it painted.

Such useful searing! We can easily seat 4 and have squeezed in five. With the storage underneath this bench is better then any chair, any day.

Bench Seating

We have a smallish table area with a fairly large table. We also have a family room that steps down. We removed the railing between the two spaces and my dad built us a bench… with storage!!

I bought some foam and a reasonable pair of drapes from Lens Mill and made cushions. Down the road I will probably make thicker ones but for now these will do.

I have painted it white for now but will most likely paint it grey in the future. Stay tuned!