Basement Window Project

So this was the project that seemed to take forever! From weather slow downs to, bee hives in the wall and then the discovery of some mold, it was certainly an adventure I am happy to see complete. 

So here was where we started. A wall with no window and an extra thick foundation.

Then next there was new drywall and divorce dust everywhere! 

But the window was in! Yes, it is way underground but it gets a good deal of light, but best of all, it can be opened for fresh air.

That was the first coat of paint and we still need to put down flooring.

With the flooring down it feels like a real room again… Can’t wait to move the furniture over. But first I have to clean it all.

With the furniture in place it is ready to be lived in again. It’s going to be hard to handover this space to the kids. I think I like it a bit too much!