Yummy Pumpkin

Yes, I am one of those people. A pumpkin lover and fall fanatic! One of the ones that dreams about the PSL and sipping it while kicking dried leaves, embraced in a cozy sweater. 

Sounds wondeful doesn’t it?

So when on a recent trip to Costco I smiled broadly when I stumbled upon this box. Yes, pumpkin pancake mix, pumpkin bread and pumpkin cookies in one box. Oh yay baby was my response! 

This is how I like to decorate for fall. Some white pumpkins and the house smelling of wonderful pumpkin bake goods. 

T’is the season after all! 


Been awhile…

Yes, it has been awhile. A long while. Sorry friends. I trust you all had a fantastic summer full of adventure. It is now officially fall here in southern Ontario but the close to 40 temperature says otherwise. We are melting!!

So I can honestly say until recently there has been no decorating happening at this home. Sad I know. But…. Drumroll we have finally started a project we had intended on begining well over three years ago. An egress window in the basement. 

For some reason this lovely home was built without any basement windows. Odd indeed and certainly not to code nowadays. As such, the basement has housed a game room but not much more. It was place I never ventured into unless heading to the laundry room. (Another project we need to tackle!) 

So this week the digging and sawing has begun. The basement literally looks like it has exploded and the white divorce dust of renos has begun. There will be lots to blog about with this project. But for now… Here are some photos so you understand the level of chaos.

This is the game room section and behind the tarp is the area that once had carpet and a tv. Soon it too will have laminate flooring but the best part… Light. Natural light! Fresh air! An escape route from the basement! There will be a 4ft x 4ft window to freedom.

So friends I am a bit uneasy with the chaos but like everyone else in the middle of a Reno… I am holding onto the end result. It will be great but oh so much work. Once the contractor is done we will have painting and flooring and that ugly word… Cleaning.

Stay tuned… 

More photos to come in the next week!