So I like fun jewellery. You know, the grown up version of play jewellery from when we were kids. I like the bling that comes in under $20. It is fun to mix it up without spending loads of cash. Also, you can find neat deals at garage sales and thrift stores. The one issue I have is storing it. I have tried boxes but then I forget what I have. My other solution was hanging it in my closet. See below.

But that is still a bit annoying. Unhooking it off the bar and not the best light. I wanted another simple solution.

I found a cheap plastic frame and put a coat of chalk paint on it and hung it on the wall. I then grabbed a handful of small nails and went to town.

This piece is behind my bedroom door so not really out there for all to see but it does make my morning selection so much easier and also gets my teenage daughters out of my room quicker too! (They often borrow pieces.) 

Now this is not all of it. I will leave the chunkier more bead like pieces in the closet but the light more everyday prices are now grab and go frame-tastic.


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