Steven Curtis Chapman Memoir

Two weeks ago Steven Curtis Chapman released his memoir. It is called, Between Heaven and the Real World. My story. 

This man has been in the music industry for 30 years. Many music awards and family struggles along the way has made his 30 year career even more incredible. 

I had the pleasure of working with Steven for a day and what an absolute pleasure it was. He is truly a wonderful person and a man of God.

I do not want to say too much about the book as the last thing I would want is spoilers. I suggest you pick up a copy. Read what was happening behind the scenes as the songs were written and sung. Enjoy some laughs and shed some tears. I know I sure did! 

Also if you want to see some great interviews and hear him sing “unplugged”, be sure to go to the 100 Huntley Street website.–steven-curtis-chapman

​Happy Reading! 


Been awhile…

Sorry friends! I know I have not been on here in a long while! Life has been busy. No excuse, I know but it truly has. 

I did find time to experiment with a wood pallet sign my hubby made. I painted it grey and painted on some words. I will be trying another soon. This is round one to get a feel for the paint. Not too shabby for a first go however.

Excuse the messy workshop! 

A little too much grey on the mantle so it will have to move but you get the idea. This is a super reasonable and fast project. 


So I like fun jewellery. You know, the grown up version of play jewellery from when we were kids. I like the bling that comes in under $20. It is fun to mix it up without spending loads of cash. Also, you can find neat deals at garage sales and thrift stores. The one issue I have is storing it. I have tried boxes but then I forget what I have. My other solution was hanging it in my closet. See below.

But that is still a bit annoying. Unhooking it off the bar and not the best light. I wanted another simple solution.

I found a cheap plastic frame and put a coat of chalk paint on it and hung it on the wall. I then grabbed a handful of small nails and went to town.

This piece is behind my bedroom door so not really out there for all to see but it does make my morning selection so much easier and also gets my teenage daughters out of my room quicker too! (They often borrow pieces.) 

Now this is not all of it. I will leave the chunkier more bead like pieces in the closet but the light more everyday prices are now grab and go frame-tastic.