Crafty Christmas…

This Christmas my family dug deep and let their inner crafters have some fun. My sister in-law especially! 

In her pottery class she made me a lovely change dish which I have displayed on my nightstand but my favourite piece is her “let it snow” art. She white washed a frame and then with burlap and paper made me a lovely picture which I hung right away.

I love this piece a lot! 

Then one of my aunts made the cutest ornament earnings for all the ladies. Stand included! 

My mom made me a fabulous hat and there was other jewelry to pick from. One of my other aunts designed the coolest pens.

These are the best gifts at Christmas! I love when everyone brings out their inner crafty! 

Merry Christmas! 


A weekend of firsts

This has been a fun weekend of firsts. My first time being in the Elmira Santa Parade, my first blowup lawn figure and first snowfall.

The parade was a blast. We wore acorn hats and had a cute little squirrel chase us about. Graf-Martin Comminications has a saying that we find the oak inside the acorn, thus the reason we were a bunch of nuts! 

Then I have to admit I am a bit of a Christmas decor snob. I like “pretty”. Today I did the unthinkable!!! We purchased a blow up 6′ snowman that even lights up! No he is not going on my front lawn but on my back deck beside the hot tub. He is our new hot tubbing friend. He is not girly or pretty but he makes me smile and that’s all that matters! 

This is also the first snowfall. So pretty. I just love this time of year and I love my hubby who set this fun in motion for me!