It’s NOT December¬†

It’s not December! Is the line I have heard all week. People asked me what I did last weekend and my reply is, “put up my Christmas trees.” 

I remember as a child the rule was, no tree until December first but as an adult I figure, my house, my rules. So the trees go up after Remembrance Day. 

I love Christmas, my entire family does. We love the music and the decorations as well as the time spent together as a family. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. 



This week we in Canada we have Rememberance Day. It is a day of reflection where we are grateful for those who have kept our country free. We are grateful for those who were in WW1, WW2 and those who have served until this day in very unsafe “peace missions”.

I will remember both my grandfathers this Novemeber 11th. My grandpa Cuthbert who stayed in Ontario during WW1 as an airplane mechanic and my grandpa Griffett who served overseas as a hand held radio operator until he was injured.

Thank you!

Ps. Grandpa Griffett in photo.