Papasan Pretty

Over a year ago my husband found a papasan “frame” at the side of the road. It had no cushion. Just a plain bamboo base and chair part. We tossed it in the basement. There was nothing wrong with it and to be honest I forgot about it for a while.  

When I stumbled upon it in the basement a couple months ago it was a pleasant reminder. I went to Pier One to buy a cushion and nearly fell over. $160!!!!! I then made it my mission to keep checking for clearance cushions. Last week I hit the jackpot. $160 cushion on sale for $40!!! I grabbed it, paid for it and started yelling, “start the car!!”

The cushion I purchased was perfect for my youngest daughters room. I painted the base a blue and the chair/bowl part white. Now she has a chair in her room that she adores. Not bad for $40!



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