In The Middle Of The Storm

I love the results of home Reno projects but detest living in the mid process stage. It feels a bit chaotic in my home. I like things in order and tidy but currently my home is anything but! 

The office is in bad shape. The paint on the walls is dry but everything needs to be organized and put back.  I am really liking the Gray walls. Now to deal with my desk!!! 

Then there is the railing between the kitchen and family room. It is most of the way out. Walls need to be patched and painted soon.  

And because that is not enough on the go at once… Demolition on the back deck is underway. Looking forward to being able to wear bare feet on my deck. Something I haven’t been able to do since we moved into this house for fear of a sliver.   

We did put on a new handle on the front door. It was decided that the yellow door will stay this summer but may change in the fall.

Just keep working! 

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