Papasan Pretty

Over a year ago my husband found a papasan “frame” at the side of the road. It had no cushion. Just a plain bamboo base and chair part. We tossed it in the basement. There was nothing wrong with it and to be honest I forgot about it for a while.  

When I stumbled upon it in the basement a couple months ago it was a pleasant reminder. I went to Pier One to buy a cushion and nearly fell over. $160!!!!! I then made it my mission to keep checking for clearance cushions. Last week I hit the jackpot. $160 cushion on sale for $40!!! I grabbed it, paid for it and started yelling, “start the car!!”

The cushion I purchased was perfect for my youngest daughters room. I painted the base a blue and the chair/bowl part white. Now she has a chair in her room that she adores. Not bad for $40!



Delightful Deck

The size of my deck was great. The colour of my deck was great. The rotting boards, not so great. After inspection we discovered that only the top  boards were rotten and the main support of the deck was fine. We would have a resurface job “only”. But I wanted the “dock look”, the gray tones of the wood was what I loved most about my deck. 

We found grey treated boards at Lowe’s and grey deck screws too! They are new products this year!  The deck was stripped back and then a little more work then we had originally thought, had to be done. My husband decided we needed extra support. Much and I mean much more wood was added to the structure. Typical to renos, a little more work and money then we had planned on was the end result. Actually, the end result was a pretty nice deck! Way to go hubby!!!

Here are some pictures of the process.


Art Exhibit

Yesterday artist Barb Young had her exhibits opening at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts.

I was not able to attend but my husband and daughters did. It was great to see my daughters in such an amazing art form.




Be sure to check out #Hespeler #artist Barb Young’s opening exhibit this Friday. #art in #cbridge

Front Hall Find! 

I love garage sales but I love virtual garage sales even more. What I mean by virtual is when my husband drives by a garage sale and texts me photos of what is there. This morning he was driving our daughter to work and stopped by a sale. He sent me a photo of a small roll top desk. A perfect score for $20! Also a perfect fit for our front hall. Now we can tuck bus tickets, mail and keys away and maybe keep the top of the piano clean! (Our normal place to dump those items.) 

Happy  Garage Sale Shopping! 


Yellow Door Stays 

The new handle has been put on the door. The door has been given a reprise. It will stay yellow at least until the fall. I love the yellow but I am ready for a change. I will most likely experiment with another colour on my garage man door. Then if I love it, then it will go on the front door.

Here is the current yellow door.


In The Middle Of The Storm

I love the results of home Reno projects but detest living in the mid process stage. It feels a bit chaotic in my home. I like things in order and tidy but currently my home is anything but! 

The office is in bad shape. The paint on the walls is dry but everything needs to be organized and put back.  I am really liking the Gray walls. Now to deal with my desk!!! 

Then there is the railing between the kitchen and family room. It is most of the way out. Walls need to be patched and painted soon.  

And because that is not enough on the go at once… Demolition on the back deck is underway. Looking forward to being able to wear bare feet on my deck. Something I haven’t been able to do since we moved into this house for fear of a sliver.   

We did put on a new handle on the front door. It was decided that the yellow door will stay this summer but may change in the fall.

Just keep working!