Front Door – refresh 

I like my front door, it is simple. When we bought the house the door was a dark teal. It was nice but I wanted a change. I looked at reds and then my heart stopped on yellow. So yellow it went. I have enjoyed the past three springs with a yellow door but now that the handle needs to change… well the paint colour might as well too. The kids are a bit worried because they say that all their friends can find the house because of the yellow door. I say, they will adapt.

So the question is do I go to a new yellow? Or perhaps a green, black or back to the red idea? The house is red’ish brick with black and white so it does leave it open to many choices. I think in the end I am going to try a dark gray based green. In my next blog post I will show my short list of greens.

But for anyone else looking at door colours, see below for some inspirational choices.



One thought on “Front Door – refresh 

  1. Tara, I was excited to see your yellow door. I can hardly wait to see what you choose! I live near a house that has a teal door and accents and it catches my eye and I have to look at the house every time I drive by.

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