Danny The Barber

You might not be aware but I am a trustee for the Cambridge  Arts and Culture committee. Today we were meeting some finalists for the Bernice Adams Awards night at Danny The Barber’s Shop. What an experience it was. It was great to meet a bunch of the finalists nominated in categories from the youth award to the performing arts award.   

It was also neat to hear a bit about Danny. How he came to Canada and the miracle of becoming a barber in this country. If you need a shave or a hair cut men, I do suggest you drop in and see his shop which is truly more like a museum and an experience. 

Oh, and if you want an experience be sure to pick up your $25 tickets to the Bernice Adams Awards Night on May 27th. It is going to be a great night you won’t want to miss! 


Blue Water 

 Last week I had the privilege of spending a six glorious days in Barbados.  
What I find absolutely mind blowing is how the water can be so many different shades of blue. 

Depending on what time of day it is to how sunny it is out or how deep the water is… The same water can look so different. No matter  what colour it is, I love water and its many shades of blue.