Chocolate Makes Winter …

Insert word choice here: _______

– better

– fun

– warmer

A friend of mind reminded me today that it has been almost two weeks since I have blogged. Well, shame on me! 

Life has been busy I could say, which it truly has been, but the truth is that I have felt less then inspired. I have chalk painted some frames and such but finished not one project fully. I have a frame ready to go for a bulletin board and a few other little projects. I just need the push to get them done. However, there seems to be excuses,  look at that laundry, birthdays and of course my comfy couch.  

My goal this weekend is to complete at least one thing on my long lists of jobs I should be finishing. No more excuses. I will have a new photo on Monday for you all. 

Now where did I put my hot chocolate? Oh yeah, beside the couch 😉 


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