Perfect Winter Projects

It is right about now I start to get a tad stir crazy. I look around my home and want to see something change. No major projects because that would take money but something small that will have impact. It is also cold outside and therefore whatever I do has to be inside and I can’t open any windows. So that led me to chalk paint. I know I have mentioned Whimsical Furnishings before but I will mention them again because they carry Aspire Chalk paint which have zero VOC’s. Which means I can paint picture frames or end tables without stinking out my family.

Please be sure to check out Whimsical Furnishings site as you can see all the paint colours they carry and finished pieces of furniture too! They have wonderful pieces at great prices.

Below are my two favourite paint colours at the moment. 

 Oh and if you want to learn before you start using this paint, check out the classes they offer!

Now start looking around your home for things to paint. It is a quick way to add some “wow”. 


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