Enjoy The Simple Things

With the gloomy days of winter spreading out before us I find it is good to take pleasure in the simple things. How pretty the snow looks on the front lawn, a hot coffee, warm banana chocolate chip muffins from a sweet neighbour and soap. Yes, I did just say soap. Now is also the time of year for sore throats and sniffles. In our home everyone is encouraged to wash hair hands with soap frequently. This also means we go thru a good deal of soap.

 I found this jumbo hand soap at Homesense yesterday for $10. It is in a lovely glass bottle with a cool label. But the best part is the smell. Grapefruit and ginger. The freshness makes you smile. 

So enjoy the simple things or the little things. Finding time to enjoy them makes winter a happy season. 

On a side note, tomorrow (Jan.23) at 7pm at Temple Baptist Church in Cambridge, ON. I am hosting a Pinterest night. There will be four small lessons on chalk painting, cup cake decorating, crocheting and stitch card making, with a hands on time at the end. It is all being taught at the beginner level but come for the coffee if you know it all. You are also welcome to bring a unique craft with you that you have been working on. We will have a small show and tell too! The cost is $5 for the event. 

See you tomorrow! 


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