Day out in Hespeler

Yesterday I spent sometime in Hespeler on Queen Street. I had a coffee and a whoopie cookie at Creme and then crossed the street to the O&V Shop.  

The Creme Cafe was a neat little coffe joint and I will be returning as soon as I can. I love the gray walls, funky lights, comfy couch and the over all feel. 

The coffee is reasonably priced and they take the time to present their desserts in a lovely fashion.

Crossing at the lights with a caffeine high in place I entered the Oil and Vinegar Tasting Room. 

There are many many varieties to try and I ended up going with a Maple Vinegar. Yum! They also had fresh sourdough bread. It was so pretty it had to come home with me.

   Next time you are in the Hespeler area I suggest you swing into these neat shops. Oh, and of course the bookshop is great and there are many neat places to eat dinner in such as Ernie’s, The Village Eatery and Brownstone’s. 

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