Christmas Clean Up

If you have not started cleaning up Christmas decor you are probably going to start to tackle it soon. Oh! Merry Christmas to all my Orthodox readers who are celebrating today. 

I normally start to tidy up Christmas after January 7th. It is then a slow process as I say good-bye to a number of my favourite things. I find with Christmas there comes so much colour, texture and best of all…. glitter. What is there not to love? Oh ya…. the downside… storage. Over the years I have discovered that the better storage solutions I have the easier the clean up and set up the following year.

The first thing I do is take a photo of all my trees and decor. It is nice to remember what to repeat or what not to repeat the next year. 

I then package up any wreaths. I love the new storage bags but I am also known for just green bagging them and hanging them in my storage room. 

Next I have a plastic tote for each tree or mantle. I either put the ornaments back in their original boxes or use shoe boxes with paper cupcake wrappers as separators. My other option is plastic or styrofoam cups. See both examples below. Egg cartons are also a great idea for the smaller ornaments. 


Lastly, once the trees are disassembled I either put them back in their box or a storage bag. Every year I add to my storage bag collection because the boxes start to crumble or I get frustrated trying to wrap the boxes with twine or tape. I love the storage bag.

Now for the “fun” part… to start. Wish me luck over the next few days and good luck to you as well! 



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