Dreary Days

Dreary days have this strange effect on me. They make me want to look at bright decor. I am not sure I could ever live in bright rooms. I have a funny feeling instead of feeling cheery, I would be angry. That being said, they are fun to look at.

Both these bedrooms are tasteful bit very in your face. They scream “wake up”!

I think kids rooms are the best place for fun decorating. Bring on the brights and play a game or two. 


Enjoy The Simple Things

With the gloomy days of winter spreading out before us I find it is good to take pleasure in the simple things. How pretty the snow looks on the front lawn, a hot coffee, warm banana chocolate chip muffins from a sweet neighbour and soap. Yes, I did just say soap. Now is also the time of year for sore throats and sniffles. In our home everyone is encouraged to wash hair hands with soap frequently. This also means we go thru a good deal of soap.

 I found this jumbo hand soap at Homesense yesterday for $10. It is in a lovely glass bottle with a cool label. But the best part is the smell. Grapefruit and ginger. The freshness makes you smile. 

So enjoy the simple things or the little things. Finding time to enjoy them makes winter a happy season. 

On a side note, tomorrow (Jan.23) at 7pm at Temple Baptist Church in Cambridge, ON. I am hosting a Pinterest night. There will be four small lessons on chalk painting, cup cake decorating, crocheting and stitch card making, with a hands on time at the end. It is all being taught at the beginner level but come for the coffee if you know it all. You are also welcome to bring a unique craft with you that you have been working on. We will have a small show and tell too! The cost is $5 for the event. 

See you tomorrow! 

Day out in Hespeler

Yesterday I spent sometime in Hespeler on Queen Street. I had a coffee and a whoopie cookie at Creme and then crossed the street to the O&V Shop.  

The Creme Cafe was a neat little coffe joint and I will be returning as soon as I can. I love the gray walls, funky lights, comfy couch and the over all feel. 

The coffee is reasonably priced and they take the time to present their desserts in a lovely fashion.

Crossing at the lights with a caffeine high in place I entered the Oil and Vinegar Tasting Room. 

There are many many varieties to try and I ended up going with a Maple Vinegar. Yum! They also had fresh sourdough bread. It was so pretty it had to come home with me.

   Next time you are in the Hespeler area I suggest you swing into these neat shops. Oh, and of course the bookshop is great and there are many neat places to eat dinner in such as Ernie’s, The Village Eatery and Brownstone’s. 

White Lights – for more then just Christmas

Christmas is put away. Ok, in my case not fully, but getting there. Regardless, the house seems sad and cold. My entire family is missing the twinkle of lights that many trees creates. So instead of putting those lights away I have been researching what I can do with them. I have stumbled upon a few ideas I would like to share. Then hopefully next week I will have something to show you that I have done in my own home.

This faux ladder is so simple but pretty.

I like the idea of the burlap and then maybe putting it on my mantle or piano top with some candles or vases.

I really like the photo wall idea for one of my daughters rooms. The girls love hanging photos and this is such a cool look.

Lastly, I want to try some sort of art piece. I have a couple of large canvases in the basement. This might be the kick in the pants I need to make something happen.

Anyone else have a neat idea to share? 

Whimsical Furnishings & Chalk Paint

Today I dropped into the Cambridge location of  Whimsical Furnishings and spoke with the owner Andrew. I had dropped by to ask a few questions for an upcoming ladies event that I am running and I ended up with a full education on the chalk paint they sell.  It was fascinating. I actually came away excited!

First off, when I entered the shop there was no smell. I mean, no paint smell. That is a big deal to me, a person with asthma. I have used other chalk paints from the famous name I will not say, to the one I have even mentioned on my site that is sold at Canadian Tire and None of them smell like this paint. Which is no smell. The product Whimsical furnishing sells is the Aspire Paint. This Company offers an all natural, zero VOC, eco-friendly, and solvent free paint. Their paints contain no acrylic, no fungicide, no co-polymers and no worries! Their slogan is “The consumer needed it, your health demanded it, and we will provide it.”

The paint comes in many gorgeous colours and is as easy as it can get. The one thing I learned is that the darker the colour the few the coats. Here are the other things I learned …

– the paint has no smell & you add water to it

– the colours are stunning (see the choices on the shop wall)

– to prep a piece, simply clean with a damp cloth and windex

– no sanding required 

– this product will never peel

– they have different types of sealer, from wax to a special top coat 

– they offer great classes

– they do kitchens 

– they have beautiful pieces in the shop


So if you want to check out some great pieces to add some interest to your home be sure to swing in to one of the two locations as well as check out the website: http://www.whimsicalfurnishings.com

You will not be disappointed and you will probably walk away excited like me. Dreaming about all the fun projects you can now tackle. 

Christmas Clean Up

If you have not started cleaning up Christmas decor you are probably going to start to tackle it soon. Oh! Merry Christmas to all my Orthodox readers who are celebrating today. 

I normally start to tidy up Christmas after January 7th. It is then a slow process as I say good-bye to a number of my favourite things. I find with Christmas there comes so much colour, texture and best of all…. glitter. What is there not to love? Oh ya…. the downside… storage. Over the years I have discovered that the better storage solutions I have the easier the clean up and set up the following year.

The first thing I do is take a photo of all my trees and decor. It is nice to remember what to repeat or what not to repeat the next year. 

I then package up any wreaths. I love the new storage bags but I am also known for just green bagging them and hanging them in my storage room. 

Next I have a plastic tote for each tree or mantle. I either put the ornaments back in their original boxes or use shoe boxes with paper cupcake wrappers as separators. My other option is plastic or styrofoam cups. See both examples below. Egg cartons are also a great idea for the smaller ornaments. 


Lastly, once the trees are disassembled I either put them back in their box or a storage bag. Every year I add to my storage bag collection because the boxes start to crumble or I get frustrated trying to wrap the boxes with twine or tape. I love the storage bag.

Now for the “fun” part… to start. Wish me luck over the next few days and good luck to you as well!