Merry Christmas

What a wonderful day! Take time to enjoy your family and friends. Also, to celebrate the light that entered the world this day.



Colour(s) of the year

I have been asked a few times since the Pantone colours of the year were announced, what I think about them. The honest answer is I can not stand them. The blue called Serenity is not horrible but I am truly not a fan of these baby room pastel throw backs to the 80’s. 


If I could record myself giving a raspberry, I would. Then I would post that sound below this photo. 

Anyone else feeling this way about these cotton candy colours?  

Simple Christmas Decor

Sometimes the most simplistic things are the prettiest.

It is easy to go over the top at Christmas with lights and sparkles and more sparkles. Did I mention sparkles? However in my kitchen where I did not want sparkles ending up in my food, I went very simple. What I discovered is that, simple can be pretty


Pendant Lights

Just as jewellery takes the mind off thinking about a woman’s wrinkles so does great lighting distract from a rooms other blemishes. 

Lighting truly is a great distractor but rarely do people use that trump card. Pendant lights over an island or in front of a kitchen window can simply transform a space.

Here are some fabulous and totally distracting lights for you to consider for your home.