Clock Ornaments 

If you have been around my blog before you will know that I love clocks. The odd thing about my clock love is that I like them more if their hands do not move. I have no idea why that is. It most likely dates back to a time in my childhood when I had troubles telling time. Regardless, I like clocks. So when my gaze fell upon clock ornaments at Rona last year I had to buy some. I purchased three at full price and later in the season I went back to check the sales. I struck gold when I found a bin of ornaments for 25 cents. There in the bottom of that bin were my ornaments. I purchased every last one of them without hesitation.

 They had two styles a gold and an oil rubbed bronze look. These year I was very excited to pull them out of their plastic and put them on my tree. A special shout out goes to my Aunt Lynda who gave me this wonderful prelit tree this year. It is 7.5 feet and skinny, which means it fits in my office wonderfully. This tree is done up in gold and silver mainly. A simple colour palette but full of texture and interest.



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