Tree Time –  “Fluff ” basics

If you have an artificial tree, now is the time to start planning its assembly. Determine where it is going. Which room and in what location. If the tree is at all scraggly do not put it in front of a window. 

Once the furniture has been moved around, set up the tree stand and assemble the tree. If you have a pre lit tree you are one step ahead. All you have to do is fluff your branches and then get ready to decorate. 

Fluffing is a simple but time consuming task. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Pretty much it is a lift and separate process much like a push up bra!  If my tree is up against a wall I often bend the back branches up and point some parts in towards the centre. Now is the time to make your tree look as good as possible. Sure you can add ribbon and lots of oranamnets but a good foundation is key. Pretty much like anything in life.

Check back with me soon as I will post a tutorial on a step by step of how to decorate the tree. 



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