Mantels – keep Christmas simple (Ish)

It is easy to get carried away with Christmas decor. The mantel is a place where I too have to step back and ask… Is that too much? But… Is there ever too much at Christmas? I think not! 

For this mantel I put on one strand of Christmas greenery, mainly held in place by two ceramic birds. Next there is one string of lights encased in wicker spheres. I then added a couple feathers spheres and lastly two feathered birds. Oh, and two animal print stockings to finish up the nature styling.  This took under ten minutes to throw together and it looks lovely during the day or at night. 



2 thoughts on “Mantels – keep Christmas simple (Ish)

  1. Lovely!!! Did you have a chance to attend the Jolly Holly House Tour put on by the Preston IODE this past weekend? Some of the homes were amazing – Tim even enjoyed it!! Have fun decorating or have you already finished?! Marie

    Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2015 03:20:47 +0000 To:

    • I did not have a chance to go on the tour! Some year I truly wil make it happen. Glad you folks had a wonderful time. As for decorating. I only have two trees up so far. I only plan on five over 6ft this year. The season is unusually busy for me this year.

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