Don’t Just Don’t 

Don’t Just Don’t   
Don’t Make Your Favorite Colour the Everything Color

If you love orange, don’t, I repeat, don’t paint your walls orange. Instead, choose a more subtle shade to provide a background that will let items in your favorite color really “pop.”

Don’t Ignore How Colour Makes You Feel

Don’t think that you can create a chill space with red or hot pink walls. Don’t think that cool based grays are not going to make you feel gloomy. Blue and green are the calming and relaxing colours. Choose red and orange for play rooms or spaces with high volume of action.

Don’t Forget That Colour Have Undertones 

Not all gray is gray. Not all whites are the same white. Look beyond the main color to see if the hue is light or dark, crisp or dull. 

Don’t Make Things Match

Just because you have a blue print sofa doesn’t mean that it will coordinate with any bkue stripe draperies. Choose your color family, identify the major pieces, decide what you have that will have a place in the room, and then recover, repaint, and coordinate all the elements.

Don’t Fight The Focal Point

Not all spaces have a focal point , but if yours does, make it important. Arrange the artwork and furniture around this important element.

Don’t Build Barriers

Don’t put a chair in front of a door or a table in an obvious traffic area. Leave room for easy access and movement within the room.

Don’t Settle for Cheap

Don’t choose a piece of furniture because of a pretty cover or fun color. First, see if it’s well made, has interesting details or classic lines. 

Don’t Invest in Trends

Don’t break you budget on pieces that are trendy. Trends come and go. You’ll want to spend your precious resources on pieces that will last for a while. 

Don’t Keep Mismatched Furniture

If you inherit or end up with a lot of pieces that don’t match, find a way to tie them together . Paint and fabric can do wonders.

Don’t Keep Things Because You Think You Should

Don’t feel obligated to keep a piece you’ve inherited. If it doesn’t appeal to you or it doesn’t fit your space, either fix it or give it away. 

Don’t Allow Ugly Anywhere

Of course, ugly is in the eye of the beholder. But don’t think you can learn to like something if you really don’t. Get rid of it! 

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