Stumbled upon this and had to share.



First Snowfall

The first snow has fallen for this Christmas season. It makes everything look so beautiful. It will not last long, but we will enjoy its beauty while it is here.

This is what I see when I look across the street. Just like a postcard! 


Porch + Christmas

The front porch is a great way to have friends and family experience a little bit of Christmas joy before they even enter your home.

An easy way to start is by having an urn or pot with cut branches, twigs and Christmas bits. The “bits” you can grab at your local dollar store or grocery store. I try not to over think mine and truly just toss things in. The more I fiddle with it, the worse it gets I find. 

I also try to incorporate the patio furniture by adding reds to the already sage green set.


Then I also add in some battery candles but the best part, a full size tree. This is where I put some of my old ornaments and neat dollar store finds. This tree does occasional blow over so it is smarts to only put plastics on it.

Happy porch decorating! 

Now if only I could keep the occasional stray brown leaf off the porch!

Trees, Trees & more trees

Decorating trees is fun! This year I have put up a few less but it was still a good time.

There is the living room tree.  

The family room tree.

The office tree.

The basement trees.

I have some tiny trees in the kids bedrooms and hallway. The only tree I have left to put together is the front porch tree. Will keep you posted on that progress. 

Clock Ornaments 

If you have been around my blog before you will know that I love clocks. The odd thing about my clock love is that I like them more if their hands do not move. I have no idea why that is. It most likely dates back to a time in my childhood when I had troubles telling time. Regardless, I like clocks. So when my gaze fell upon clock ornaments at Rona last year I had to buy some. I purchased three at full price and later in the season I went back to check the sales. I struck gold when I found a bin of ornaments for 25 cents. There in the bottom of that bin were my ornaments. I purchased every last one of them without hesitation.

 They had two styles a gold and an oil rubbed bronze look. These year I was very excited to pull them out of their plastic and put them on my tree. A special shout out goes to my Aunt Lynda who gave me this wonderful prelit tree this year. It is 7.5 feet and skinny, which means it fits in my office wonderfully. This tree is done up in gold and silver mainly. A simple colour palette but full of texture and interest.


Mantels – keep Christmas simple (Ish)

It is easy to get carried away with Christmas decor. The mantel is a place where I too have to step back and ask… Is that too much? But… Is there ever too much at Christmas? I think not! 

For this mantel I put on one strand of Christmas greenery, mainly held in place by two ceramic birds. Next there is one string of lights encased in wicker spheres. I then added a couple feathers spheres and lastly two feathered birds. Oh, and two animal print stockings to finish up the nature styling.  This took under ten minutes to throw together and it looks lovely during the day or at night. 


Tree Time – ¬†“Fluff ” basics

If you have an artificial tree, now is the time to start planning its assembly. Determine where it is going. Which room and in what location. If the tree is at all scraggly do not put it in front of a window. 

Once the furniture has been moved around, set up the tree stand and assemble the tree. If you have a pre lit tree you are one step ahead. All you have to do is fluff your branches and then get ready to decorate. 

Fluffing is a simple but time consuming task. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Pretty much it is a lift and separate process much like a push up bra!  If my tree is up against a wall I often bend the back branches up and point some parts in towards the centre. Now is the time to make your tree look as good as possible. Sure you can add ribbon and lots of oranamnets but a good foundation is key. Pretty much like anything in life.

Check back with me soon as I will post a tutorial on a step by step of how to decorate the tree.