Fall Colours

The crisp air and the sound of crispy leaves underfoot, wearing warm sweaters and drinking hot apple cider. Fall is a great time of year. It is full of colour, smells and sounds. It is a beautiful time of year in Southern Ontario.  Currently in Waterloo Region our colours are on their way out. The leaves are starting to pile up on the ground and the not so fun task of dealing with fall begins. A few weeks a go I was in the South River area and their colour was fully out on display. Enjoy the photos below and try not to hurt your backs raking. 



3 neat storage ideas

I love everything to have a home. To have a spot for everything I own. I despise being asked by one of my teens, “where does this go?” That means either they don’t know, which is highly unlikely or the item is homeless and that needs to be fixed. 

I am going to share with you three neat homes for objects that I recently stumbled upon.

I love this knife block pull out. Simply brilliant. The knives are not only neatly tucked away but they are easily accessible. So smart!

This person is a genius! Coffee off the counter. Everything needed for coffee is in this cupboard and it even pulls forward. They thought it thru so much that there is even a tap above the coffee maker for filling it with water. 

Lastly, the laundry room. In my laundry room there are piles on the floor. Sorted by colour they mock me with their messiness. This solution below is a thing of beauty! 

I am imagining a laundry room so clean and pretty. I might actually enjoy doing laundry in an organized space like this one! 

What is your dream storage solution? The home for those things that make a space feel messy? 

Large Art in the bedroom

This bedroom caught my eye. Not only because I loved the wall colour, the gorgeous fireplace and the crisp bedding but because of the art. I think in bedrooms we forget that we can go over the top. Why not have a massive piece of art? If you love that art piece why not wake up every morning to it? Why not open your eyes and smile?!

I hope you find this bedroom picture as inspiring as I did! It screams to me… Go for it!