Back to School – part one

With less then four days left to back to school our home has been a bit of a whirlwind. Last minute binder and pencil purchases as well as finding the right locker lock. 

Then there is the chat about lunches. Who will eat what and who will most certainly not eat that. I saw a neat lunch idea on line the other day, make your own tacos. My kids hate their food touching and this is the perfect solution. The little taco bowls are made from tortilla shells baked inside muffin tins.

Yum! Chicken tacos. Now my kids would require a good deal more chicken but a very neat idea.

Then lastly another neat idea are lunch bag notes. But notes that can be written on with chalk. Check out this sandwich container. Another neat project for chalkboard paint!  

So many fun ideas. The kids may wish for the start of school to come quicker. Ok, probably not.  


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