Texture in the Bedroom

One word everyone keeps hearing in the land of decor is texture. It is fine to have a monochromatic colour scheme but without texture it can become boring. 

In a bedroom there are the obvious ways to add texture, which is in the form of pillows, furniture and area rugs. 

I personally like texture being brought in via a wall. 

Here are some fabulous ways to bring texture to the walls of your bedroom:

Wood slats or barn board are all the rage right now. Horizontal or vertical they bring texture and warmth to a space quickly.

Another wood option is with wood slats as shown below. This accent wall has just enough texture to be interesting! 

 Trending for the last few years has been large patterned wall paper. For those afraid to tackle an entire room or scared about having to take it down, there is the large panel option. One can either get some large canvases and wrap them in wall paper or create their own frames with one by twos. 


My favourite way to add texture to a bedroom is with a stone accent wall. Stone is so beautiful. It can be warm or cold visually but it is always full of texture. The easiest way to tackle such a wall is by using faux stone panels. These click together panels can be picked up at such big box stores as Home Depot for roughly $135/ panel.

  Good luck adding texture to your bedroom!




Scrabble Anyone? 

Games are really not my thing if I was being completely honest. My family loves board games and I on the whole tolerate them. I am however fascinated by the design that goes into games. I love the graphics on the cards and boxes and the detail in the tiny pieces. The classic game that is most beloved in my home is scrabble. I love the simplicity of its look. The clean wooden pieces and a little shelf to house them. Aghhhhh order. Recently while surfing I stumbled upon people decorating with large scrabble pieces.


This idea may have to find a way into my home!   

Back To School – Part Two


I love baskets. I like them in the bathroom for under cabinet storage, in the linen closet, front hall closet but this idea is great… On the stairs. I am always leaving items on the stairs to go up. Having a basket for everyone is a tidier way to do it with back to school. 

What is for dinner?

I am asked that question so many times it is ridiculous. Currently I have a paper calendar with it written out. However I I want to switch to this idea as shown below. 

  What a neat way to stay organized. A cookie sheet and magnets. So simple! 

Good luck everyone with back to school and feeling like you are organized and prepared. I know I need it!!! 🙂 

Back to School – part one

With less then four days left to back to school our home has been a bit of a whirlwind. Last minute binder and pencil purchases as well as finding the right locker lock. 

Then there is the chat about lunches. Who will eat what and who will most certainly not eat that. I saw a neat lunch idea on line the other day, make your own tacos. My kids hate their food touching and this is the perfect solution. The little taco bowls are made from tortilla shells baked inside muffin tins.

Yum! Chicken tacos. Now my kids would require a good deal more chicken but a very neat idea.

Then lastly another neat idea are lunch bag notes. But notes that can be written on with chalk. Check out this sandwich container. Another neat project for chalkboard paint!  

So many fun ideas. The kids may wish for the start of school to come quicker. Ok, probably not.