Milk Glass displays 

The shape and colour of most milk glass pieces make me smile. I like their curves, flares, dips and dots. The folks creating the designs most have had fun. I have roughly twenty pieces in my collection from small vases to large bowls. The hard part is deciding where to show case these pieces. Currently they are on display in my bedroom. The pop nicely off the gray-blue walls. I have them gathered together on the mantle of a faux fireplace.

Here are some other ideas of how to display them. I really like the less is more idea with using the wooden tray as a base. 


I also like gathering them together in some simple shelves.

This person used the pieces in their bedroom like I also did. Gathering them on the dresser and using them for hair and jewellery storage just makes sense.

Lastly, I love the use of milk glass in this Christmas display. How could it not bring a smile to your face during the holiday season? 

I am going to challenge myself to do something new with my milk glass and I will post it on here before the month is out. 


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