Small Space Savers

Everyone likes to save space and attempt to be organized. Here are a couple neat ideas I recently stumbled upon.

A pretty magazine holder is a tidy way to store flat irons and curling irons. Once they have cooled of course! 

Shower rings on a hanger are a great way to store scarves. 
 Tic Tac containers are a neat way to store spices from the bulk food section. They can stand in a tiny drawer. Personally I would label them on the top of the lid to make them easier to view.

 Adding shelves to a dresser is a great way to add some book storage with no need for a bookshelf. 

 I know I have many plastic hangers and many shirts that slid off. I will be going to the dollar store for pipe cleaners to attempt this. Seems like a pretty simple task and a great way to save some of my shirts from ruin. 


Chalk Paint Projects

 I have seen many tables and wooden pieces painted with chalk paint but when I saw these suitcases it got me thinking. Why not paint more then wood? I am going to have to try to be adventurous.   To be honest the wood pieces look fabulous. I am somewhat anxious for the kids to go back to school so I can experiment.  I will post pictures of some of my projects once they are complete. 

Milk Glass displays 

The shape and colour of most milk glass pieces make me smile. I like their curves, flares, dips and dots. The folks creating the designs most have had fun. I have roughly twenty pieces in my collection from small vases to large bowls. The hard part is deciding where to show case these pieces. Currently they are on display in my bedroom. The pop nicely off the gray-blue walls. I have them gathered together on the mantle of a faux fireplace.

Here are some other ideas of how to display them. I really like the less is more idea with using the wooden tray as a base. 


I also like gathering them together in some simple shelves.

This person used the pieces in their bedroom like I also did. Gathering them on the dresser and using them for hair and jewellery storage just makes sense.

Lastly, I love the use of milk glass in this Christmas display. How could it not bring a smile to your face during the holiday season? 

I am going to challenge myself to do something new with my milk glass and I will post it on here before the month is out. 

Curation & my home 

Content curation is the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest.

I am one of those people who like stuff. Right now I am into Mason jars and anything with birds. I love the practical nature of the jars and whimsy of the birds. I also have a daughter who loves collecting antique dog figurines and I should admit that I also collect milk glass and tea cups. So the question is how does one display these items in an organized fashion? How does one curate their collections? 

I saw this collection of cameras and thought it was brilliant. I think the best way to show any collection is by grouping them. When a collection is spread around a home it begins to look junky and not intentional. Grouping makes it look planned and creates impact.

The same holds true if your collection is  made up of books. (Back to the library wall!)

 Or if your collection is made up of anything from paintings to photos to old postcards.

 There is interest in numbers. So keep your collections together and flaunt them in a unique way. Use frames or shelving to make a home for your loved pieces.  Become a curator for your home.

Kitchen Reveal

After much effort and time, the kitchen is complete. Of course there still are some items I may change down the road but it is done for now! 

Just because I can. 

Here is the before:

Mouldings added, paint, new hardware, hood fan, tap, sink, countertop and the newest edition the backsplash.

And of course with stuff on the countertop because that is how we actually live.

It is so nice to walk down in the morning and enter a kitchen that makes me smile. It feels brighter and so much cleaner. I am still considering some under cabinet lighting, an Edison light above the sink and a new blind but essentially it is complete. No more reveals. 

Library Wall


As an avid reader one of my favourite places is the library. When we are at the cottage we visit our local wee library and when we are home we visit our not much larger local library. What I would love to do is bring that library feeling into one room of our home. I think this can be achieved simply enough with a library wall.


The library does not need to encompass every wall. Just one wall with shelves and some comfy chairs and good lighting is all that is required.

A good place in our home would be the home office. The library office has a nice sound to it. Now to start designing it and then saving up for it.


So close …. Backsplash 


My amazing hubby is getting so close to the end of his backsplash boogie. He has a few more random pieces to fit and then to grout . Then of course there is adding the face plates but the end is now in sight and it is looking fantastic! 


I can’t wait to show the kitchen complete!