My Nest is Best


Roughly a week ago, a morning Dove made a nest in one of my ferns hanging from the front porch. She plunked herself there and has not moved. Or at least as far as I can tell she has not moved. Whenever I look out my front window she is there. She found her best nest and is NOT going to leave it. She reminded me of the children’s book when I saw her all comfortable in there.


I can just imagine her saying, no way, not moving, My Nest Is Best! 

This book then made me think back to a former co-worker who made a comment that I needed to make my home the best nest and stay put. To be honest my husband and I have moved to four different houses. It has become an every four year adventure. I would make jokes with friends that I didn’t know how to clean a stove so I needed to move so we could get new appliances. In fact, it is amazing we have any friends left because most of them have helped us move in one form or another. This last move will be it for a while I am sure. I am taking Gerry’s advice and going to make my nest the best! 


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