Backsplash Boogie


The backsplash dance has begun in our home. This is partially complete (still need to finish all the way to the exhaust fan) but it is coming along nicely.

There will be very little grout but what grout there is will be a pewter colour. I will be sure to post after pictures but this gives you an idea of where we are at. Yay for tile saws and good tile goo. Lesson learned from past experiences, better to spend a few bucks and get the better product. Let the good times continue! 


Magnificent Mudroom


There is one room I wish my home had and that is the multi purpose Mudroom. I see this photo above and simply drool. The carpentry is superb and the storage fantastic. Now I do realize in reality after three kids had their stuff tossed in it, it surely would not look like this but a girl can dream. 

If you could have an extra room in your house what would you choose ? 

Just Around The Bend


Every time we drive down my folks cottage road I am reminded how life is full of bends in the road. Those “bends” contain excitement and often  challenges as well. That is definitely true of every decor project we undertake. As most of you DIYers know, things don’t always go how we expect. There are surprises at every turn no matter how prepared one is. The next project we are about to undertake is the kitchen backsplash. We have had the tile for just over a year and it is time to put it up. I am sure there will be surprises laced with twists and turns. No matter how prepared or how simple a project looks there is always it seems a bend that holds a little excitement . I will keep you posted on the progress when we begin next week.

Trends for 2016

We are still over five months away until 2016 but now is the time of interior design shows where new lighting, wall colours and furniture is showcased. From what I have read and seen there seems to be a few standout trends for 2016. Here are the top three. 

1 – Blue is still going strong. Walls in blue, furniture in blue and even kitchen cabinetry in blue. The deeper the blue the better. 

2 – Gold is golden. Lighting, hardware and table bases are going to be found in more gold options this year.   

3 – Floral is back! Floral is going to be coming on strong in 2016. There will be large pieces of art, accent pillows and chairs displaying floral that may seem reminiscent to some of the 80’s. 

And the bonus trend… Texture. Think faux fur pillows and fibre carpets. The more texture in a space the better. 


Water … More then wet


I have had the privilege of sitting by the lake most of this week. I have looked at the water, swam in the water and thought about water. My daughter and I talked about how we take water for granted in Canada. We have so much fresh water we think nothing of it but in other countries it is almost sacred. We chatted about water symbolism in the bible and in other cultures. For us as a family our time at the water rejuvenates us. It revives our souls even. Water forces us to think, relax and have fun. It truly is incredible. We are so blessed to live in this amazing Country with its abundance of water. 

Wood on the walls?

Currently there is a trend that folks are installing barn boards or planks on the horizontal for an accent wall. That is NOT what this post is about.

Interior timber wall claddings are a popular material that can add warmth to any room. There are a vast selection of softwood cladding panels and MDF cladding panels which are available from DIY retailers. 

Maybe it is because I am at the cottage and yes, writing this post from the dock that I am thinking about wood walls. It is a country feel to have walls like these but I think it can be implemented in the city just fine. Perhaps you may even have a basement with wood panelling that can be painted because then it creates a similar feel. I think this look is great for a guest bedroom or laundry room too!  Here at the cottage we have an entire bunkie clad in wood and yes, the wood is painted Benjamin Moore Cloud White. A fantastic white for wood clad walls.

So if barn boards hung horizontal are not your thing this might be an alternative! 


My Nest is Best


Roughly a week ago, a morning Dove made a nest in one of my ferns hanging from the front porch. She plunked herself there and has not moved. Or at least as far as I can tell she has not moved. Whenever I look out my front window she is there. She found her best nest and is NOT going to leave it. She reminded me of the children’s book when I saw her all comfortable in there.


I can just imagine her saying, no way, not moving, My Nest Is Best! 

This book then made me think back to a former co-worker who made a comment that I needed to make my home the best nest and stay put. To be honest my husband and I have moved to four different houses. It has become an every four year adventure. I would make jokes with friends that I didn’t know how to clean a stove so I needed to move so we could get new appliances. In fact, it is amazing we have any friends left because most of them have helped us move in one form or another. This last move will be it for a while I am sure. I am taking Gerry’s advice and going to make my nest the best!