Stick with the classics – whether decorating or grade 8 grad

I do not consider myself a boring person but I do think if the base of any project is classic, then you have a good foundation. Start a room off with classic furniture and area rug then pop in some fun or even “out there” accessories and you will have success. A classic couch paired with spunky accent pillows is going to look great. 

Last night was my youngest child’s grade eight grad. There has been talk about dresses, hair styles and footware with all her friends since pretty much the first day of school in Septemeber. There were chats about who would wear what colour, would the hair be up or down, straight or curly and oh no, what to do if someone shows up wearing the same dress! From the start my line was, pick a classic look then add some funk. You can not go wrong with a classic. In this case, the simple black dress. Everyone refers to the simple black dress as the go to for a reason! In the case of my daughter we ended up finding what I consider to be a classic dress. Black with lace. Pretty and simple but elegant in the same moment. She made the dress “hers”, meaning her style, with accessories. A good friend of mine made her a custom necklace and shrug (thanks Denise!) and Zoe a great hairstyle with braids. My daughter Maya, the grade 8 graduate with honours was a show stopper. Dressed in a classic but with her style displaying itself in the accessories. A good lesson for fashion and in home decor. Remember they are classics for a reason after all! 

Congratulations Maya! You looked fabulous and your entire family is proud of you! 


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