Chalk Paint 

If you have not heard about the trend of chalk paint then you will soon enough. I am not talking about chalkboard paint but chalk paint. This is the type of paint that is ideal for that shabby chic look. The pale colours where the paint is worn/rubbed off intentionally on certain edges.

This night stand is a good example of it. 

Now there are a few specialty company’s that offer the paint but I recently found a version made by Rust-oleum in Canadian Tire. Personally, I am going to attempt a dresser and a night stand and if that is a success , I will move on to my kitchen table and chairs. 

The paint is called Chalked and it is $24.99 a can. It also comes in the four colours shown above and a black as well. What makes this product fantastic is that all it requires is a light sanding. It has a one coat coverage. No primer, just a light sand and paint. Very simple but with fabulous results. When I finish a project I will be sure to share.


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