Boothbay Gray eases pain…

Over the years there have been many studies on how colour can alter peoples moods. Certain colours are used in advertising and fast food restaurants and institutions of all types for this very reason. Believe it or not, but the evidence is out there to support the fact that colour changes how people feel. 

I have found this evident in my own life. I need soothing colours because when I walk thru my front door I want a sense of calm not more busyness of the outside world. For me, this is most important in the bedroom. I have tried many colours on the walls of my various master bedrooms but everytime (for almost ten years now) I have gone back to the same colour. Boring you may think, but for me the colour makes me feel calm. The colour for me is Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray HC-165.   

As seen in the two photos above this wall colour can take a very different look depending on the lighting. In natural light it is more of a blue and in the evening or by lamp light it reads gray. 

In this photo below of an entry way bathed in natural light the colour very much reads like a blue.  

This is why Boothbay Gray is the perfect bedroom colour. At times it can be moody and calming but during the day slide the drapes open and let the light in and it becomes cheery. That is exactly the type of colour I need. 

I have not told many people in the past, but I suffer from Type 2 trigeminal neuralgia. For me the attacks started shortly after my 30th birthday. I had suffered migraines before but this was different and a bit terrifying a first because only the left side of my face/head would be affected. What happens for me is I awake from a dead sleep with intense pain. The pain starts off as a combination of shock-like sensations, migraine-like pain, with burning or prickling pain mixed in. Then it manifests into an unrelenting, boring, piercing pain. My episodes as I call them, last anywhere from four to eight hours. Hours which I spend in my bedroom. Most of that time I am writhing in pain or trying to sleep. I have found that Boothbay Gray on my walls helps because it is such a soothing colour. It truly helps ease my pain in those days when I would love to remove my head from my body. They say that the colour blue can create calm, reduce body temp, lower blood pressure and slows ones pulse. For me when I am in pain that is everything I need. Have I mentioned how much I love Boothbay Gray! 


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