Trending Furniture

I enjoy watching for trends in decor and I have seen one this year that is making me happy, happy, happy. Actually, it is something that has been trending the past few years but seems to be getting bigger and better. If you are wondering just what I am talking about … Well… It is the much loved sectional.

Gone are the days of the sectional crammed in the basement. It is now a show piece and in my opinion, the bigger the better. Now, don’t get me wrong , I am not talking about big, as in the big puffy arms of the 90’s with pop out recliners and cup holders. I am referring to large sleek sectionals. Ones that are tailored but still inviting. 

So when you are thinking about a family room “do-over” as my good friend Steve calls them, don’t forget to consider a sectional. Skip the couch, love seat and oversized chair and go right to that large piece of furniture that screams, curl up on me with a good book. 


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