Beautiful Day

As a thunderstorm crashes around me and the water threatens to soak me as I type on my front porch, I can’t help but think about “beautiful day”. Yes, the U2 song does come to mind also but I am referring to the Bath and Body Works scent. Currently I have that scent in my kitchen for hand soap and in my wall flowers. I keep one wall flower on each floor of my house. I like a nice clean scent when I enter my home and nothing too over powering. Beautiful day is the perfect mix of fruity and floral. It smells like “clean”. You know that fresh shower smell. Maybe my teenage daughters are messing with my idea of scent but you get the idea. 

Beautiful day creates that spring fresh smell in my home even when the storm clouds are looming. 


 Hosta Hosta Hosta

Last week I talked about Lilacs. How quickly you can make a pretty arrangement with them. This week it is with the most over looked plant in the garden, the Hosta. In my gardens I have four varieties of Hosta. They are the troopers that no matter the weather, pop up and just keep on growing. I love their wide green leaves and think they are one of my favourite plants. Often tho they are banished to the garden. Rarely do people think to cut their leaves and bring them in. Personally, I love taking a variety of Hosta leaves and plunk them in a jar with one flower or sometimes even just a chunk of Sedum. This is another 30 second project that adds some interest to your patio or kitchen table or in my case, the front porch. 


Simplicity = Lilacs

We are fortunate to have a giant and I mean giant lilac bush in our back yard. This bush is well over ten feet tall and the sight of it this time of year brings an instant smile to my face. The light purple flowers are so pretty. What I love about lilacs are their simplicity. The plant itself needs nearly no attention and decorating with the flowers is a snap. I just go out with my trusty scissors and cut off a few flowers and then literally stick them in some jars. No fussing just done in 30 seconds. I could probably spend more time arranging but really the plunked in version look great so why not use my time for other projects. 

Here are some snaps from my 30 second simplicity project this morning.


Marsala – Pantone colour of the year 2015

Today sitting around the cottage we were chatting about the colour of the year … Marsala. We were saying that it didn’t seem to have a big push as in years past. Think about wild orchid or Emerald, especially the latter. 

Personally, I don’t mind the colour. I would not be slathering it all over my walls but I could see it used as an accent in art or rugs. I really would like it in a lipstick colour or a purse. 

Everytime I look at the colour I have a bit of a throw back to the early 90’s. I remember having permission to decorate my bedroom however I wished and I choose a pale blue accented with this Marsala colour. The unifing piece was an Aztec patterned border and bedding that had both colours represented in it. 

So for me this Marsala colour is more of a Throwback Thursday thing not a fresh take for 2015.

Fences are Friends

We have all heard the saying “good fences make good neighbours” but I think the saying should be “good fences make for fun decorating”. 

Last year I added a garden along the entire back fence. The plants are just starting to pop and I am excited to see what it looks like in a few months. Last week we had a garage sale and in the process I stumbled upon a few items that I was going to sell but then thought hmmmmm… I could use these on my fence! So out came the hammer and nails today and up went my decorative items. This is just round one. I have a few more ideas to jazz up the space but I wanted to remind people that you can have fun with your fences. Before you toss that clock that has stopped working maybe consider hanging it on the fence! 



Almost there … Kitchen Reveal

We are soooo close. So very close, but now we will pause until the summer when my hubby has a bit more time. All that is left to do in the kitchen is the backsplash (waiting in boxes to be installed), some lighting changes and then my new half wall bookcase in the eating area. As it stands the kitchen looks wonderful. It is exactly how I imagined it would turn out. 

The granite countertops truly are the icing on the cake. The black granite composite sink is the cherry my backsplash will for sure be the whip cream on this sinfully good dessert I call my kitchen. 

Here are some new photos. 


And now just for fun…. This is where it started at:

The cupboards never changed. The footprint stayed the same. Some paint new hardware, trim and countertops can truly make a massive change! 

Old is removed….

So here is my take on removing countertops. Remove all the top drawers. It makes it far easier to get underneath. The sharp knife to cut away from the wall is smart. Installing shut offs for the water under your sink is helpful. Really, removing the countertops is easy. Having strong guys in the house makes it a snap. 

Now having no water or sink because you removed them three days in advance… Now that is difficult.