Out with the old …. Round one

This weekend we attempt to remove our countertops in the kitchen. This is a first time project for us. Should be interesting. We will be following the procedure below. 

I will let you know how it goes! 



Out with the old …

First step: Turn off the water to the kitchen sink using the shutoff valve below the sink.


Disconnect the water lines from the faucet using an adjustable wrench.


Place a bucket under the sink to catch remaining water and disconnect the drain pipe.


Remove the drawers from the cabinets underneath the counter top.


Unload items from at least the top shelf of the bottom cabinets to gain access to the underside of the counter top.


Remove any items from the top of the counter top.


Cut through the seal on the caulk around the sink as well as any edges that have caulk, such as along the wall or edge of the back splash, using a putty knife, box cutter or screwdriver.


Scrape away as much caulk as possible with a putty knife or flat head screwdriver.


Pull the sink out of the counter top and set it aside.


Unscrew the counter top from the underside, accessing the screws from the inside of the cabinets.


Lift the counter top up and away from the cabinet base.

Water Features

I love water features!  

Whether it be a simple plug in and fill with water or an entire pond, I love water features. There is something so calming about the sound of running water. I have a large pot with a bubbler and pretty rocks but sometime in the future I would like a feature similar to the one show above in the yard. The deck almost has a dock feeling to it with the way it overhangs the water. I really like the stone raised beds and the trench like pond. It looks very clean and soothing. That being said I have been reminded that nothing is happening in the yard this Spring or Summer. Well maybe some mulch and expanding a garden or two but that is really it. The deck dream I next summer. 

Cottage Withdrawl

I am officially starting to move into cottage withdrawl. It happens around this time of year. The sun is out and the birds are singing. I start dreaming of sitting by the lake. Or better yet! Swimming in the lake. The cottage is where I rejuvenate. It is my happy place. The colours are soothing and the smells and sounds of nature are soooo calming. Only a month to go until opening weekend!!! No wonder I like to surround my self in tans, blues and grays in my home. 



The Whole Tart & Nothing But The Tart

First off, you need to understand that I come from a truly, shall we say, “unique” family. I can honestly say that everyone is creative. It is amazing how much talent there is in this clan. From painters, to cross stichers, knitters, comedians, purse designers, beaders, weavers, leather workers, carvers, bakers and writers. We could probably put on an amazing “one of a kind” show. I say this to give some background. When you get all these creative types together to have a “tart off”. Things can get a little nutty. I know this is not one of my usual design blog posts but I had to share a wee little video I made from our tart adventure. Enjoy!