It Doesn’t Look Ugly…

Yesterday I met with the countertop lady to get my template request in. We figured out the rough cost using my measurements and pretty much laid out how it all works. Yes, you pay for extra faucet holes, yes,  you pay to have them remove the old countertop and yes, they attach the new undermount sink free of charge.  It was an hour and half appointment of me barraging the poor lady with questions. To me this stone countertop is a major investment. I do not like surprises and I want to do everything in my power to avoid them. 

All said and done my take away is you really need to shop around when looking for a countertop. What is included varries from place to place, as does what level certain stones are classified in. The best price on the whole though can be found at Natural Stone City in Kitchener. I also have concluded that removing your own countertop is a huge saving and finding your own sink is also.

After I asked the questions and placed my order I asked my husband what he thought about the choice. (Just to double check as I have asked him before) His response, “well it doesn’t look ugly.” I guess I will interpret that as, well done, it will look nice. 😉 

This is the countertop choice with the cabinet paint chip and a piece of the backsplash. 


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