Chalk Board in the Kitchen

Before the cabinets were painted I knew I wanted a large chalk board. I had shopped around for some and found really neat ones at Homsense but what it came down to was lack of wall space. The only space I had open was the side of my pantry. So before we primed I had my dad add some trim in the shape of a rectangle. This would be my future chalk board.

Yesterday I added the chalk board paint to my chalkboard location. A couple of tips. Do this project on a day you can have all the doors open. This stuff is strong smelling!! I have finished one coat but will add another on a warmer day. The best price for the product can be found at Dulux paint for $13. I used a small brush and a foam roller. It dries fairly quickly. Before I give it another coat I am going to add a coat of magnetic paint. Ok. Maybe. I am a tad worried it will get all junky if I do but I am considering it.

The one fun thing about the chalk board paint was that I took what was on my brush and added it to some other pieces in my house. Some tiny garden signs, mason jars and canister kids. It really is a lot of fun and the projects are limitless. 

Here is the kitchen with the chalk board. 


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