Half Wall – Bookcase? 

So as most of you know, once you start one project it tends to lead to another. It is the ripple effect. The kitchen is moving along but beyond the countertop and backsplash there is one other thing that bugs me about the space. That is the railing. 

We are fortunate to have an open kitchen and eating area that looks onto a family room but the family room is sunken by a step. I really like that it is lowered because it adds interest but I am not a fan of the railing.

This is the view when looking from the family room to the kitchen. The sofa blocks most of the railing but I find the railing just doesn’t flow with the new gray kitchen. I believe the solution is a half wall bookcase. The bookcase will come into the family as to not take away from the eating space as it is already limited. The book case side will open into the kitchen and it will be a great place for cook books and perhaps another charging station.

This photo is not exactly the look I am going for but close to it. I want the majority of the bookcase to be the same gray as my kitchen cupboards but then topped with a white wood the same as my trim. I also do not want my book case as deep as the one shown but as I said, this gets the idea across.

Now to price out materials and convince some others in my household that this is a brilliant idea! 


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