Oh no you didn’t?!

My folks moved into their current home a year ago and since then they have been slowly painting and adjusting. This past week they tackled their main floor powder room. I really wish they had taken a “before” picture but for now you will have to settle for my description. The walls were pale and there was a flower wallpaper border. The vanity was a honey oak with a light laminate countertop. The taps were tired as was the mirror. 

So the Reno started when my mom saw my gray cupboards and she wanted some too! Bye, bye honey oak and welcome gray. Then she saw some really cool birch tree wallpaper and a gorgeous Quartz countertop that had to be hers. By the end we had found a new mirror, lights and tap too. The funnier piece however was the art for the wall. Too hilarious. (Not hung yet but soon!) 

 Now my dad says he feels like he is at the cottage staring at the birch trees. Could be worse I guess! 

The pictures were hard to take given the size of the space but here are a few to get the idea across.


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