Today the crew from The New Place showed up at my house with all my kitchen doors and drawers. All I can say is “WOW”! When Janice promises factory finish doors she means it! My doors are gorgeous. I was actually caught hugging one of them today. 😉 

The day would have been a perfect one if I had not come unhinged! Turns out my soft close hinges were out a quarter of an inch. So all my glorious doors must wait until I purchase replacement hinges. The frustrating part is I made sure all the holes lined up on the new hinges but I never lined up the holes with the hinge on the door and on the base cabinet. That’s when my beautiful new hinge breaks down. The sad part was I scored an amazing deal on them too! So tomorrow I am off to visit my friends at W & W Liquadators on Victoria street in Kitchener to see if they can help me out of this bind. 

The end is in sight with the cupboards. Order will be restored soon. Oh, have I mentioned how gorgeous my doors look? So for now, I keep breathing and try not to come unhinged. 


2 thoughts on “Unhinged

  1. WOW! THE DOOR LOOKS AMAZING!! I wish I had used your source instead of Modern Masters/Creative Cabinets in kitchener. Glad you found a deal on hinges – they add up fast!
    can’t wait to see the finished kitchen 🙂

    Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2015 00:56:58 +0000
    To: mariesitler@sympatico.ca

    • The cool thing about The New Place is that they can give that factory finish to tables, dressers, headboards etc. If you want something painted they can make it look brand new. I keep staring at furniture in my house and wonder what it would look like with a new paint job 😉

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