Patience is my nemesis. I love change when it comes to decorating but waiting for paint to dry or pieces to be complete before I move on to the next step, well, it nearly kills me. I see the finished project in my head and just want to be there. I don’t want to wait. I don’t want to move slow. I want the completed, glorious end.

As you know, the base cabinetry has all been painted and the hood fan installed. Now, I am waiting on all my doors and drawers. They will be done soon but WHY does it feel like forever?! After the doors are installed with new hardware there will be more waiting!!!! Waiting for a new countertop and after that waiting for the backsplash. I already own the backsplash. It is just sitting in boxes, crying out to go on the wall but I must wait. I guess I could paint the walls while I wait but that is not a super dramatic change.

So for now, I dream about patience and a completed kitchen that is simply stunning.

Ps. The photo is something I am contemplating for my coffee station area. I like the chalk board paint on the inside of the door.


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