Backyard Swing

I love the look of this swing. It shouts out, come up my stone path and hang out. So pretty! Someday I would love this in the back corner of my yard. 


Chalk Board in the Kitchen

Before the cabinets were painted I knew I wanted a large chalk board. I had shopped around for some and found really neat ones at Homsense but what it came down to was lack of wall space. The only space I had open was the side of my pantry. So before we primed I had my dad add some trim in the shape of a rectangle. This would be my future chalk board.

Yesterday I added the chalk board paint to my chalkboard location. A couple of tips. Do this project on a day you can have all the doors open. This stuff is strong smelling!! I have finished one coat but will add another on a warmer day. The best price for the product can be found at Dulux paint for $13. I used a small brush and a foam roller. It dries fairly quickly. Before I give it another coat I am going to add a coat of magnetic paint. Ok. Maybe. I am a tad worried it will get all junky if I do but I am considering it.

The one fun thing about the chalk board paint was that I took what was on my brush and added it to some other pieces in my house. Some tiny garden signs, mason jars and canister kids. It really is a lot of fun and the projects are limitless. 

Here is the kitchen with the chalk board. 

It Doesn’t Look Ugly…

Yesterday I met with the countertop lady to get my template request in. We figured out the rough cost using my measurements and pretty much laid out how it all works. Yes, you pay for extra faucet holes, yes,  you pay to have them remove the old countertop and yes, they attach the new undermount sink free of charge.  It was an hour and half appointment of me barraging the poor lady with questions. To me this stone countertop is a major investment. I do not like surprises and I want to do everything in my power to avoid them. 

All said and done my take away is you really need to shop around when looking for a countertop. What is included varries from place to place, as does what level certain stones are classified in. The best price on the whole though can be found at Natural Stone City in Kitchener. I also have concluded that removing your own countertop is a huge saving and finding your own sink is also.

After I asked the questions and placed my order I asked my husband what he thought about the choice. (Just to double check as I have asked him before) His response, “well it doesn’t look ugly.” I guess I will interpret that as, well done, it will look nice. 😉 

This is the countertop choice with the cabinet paint chip and a piece of the backsplash. 

Half Wall – Bookcase? 

So as most of you know, once you start one project it tends to lead to another. It is the ripple effect. The kitchen is moving along but beyond the countertop and backsplash there is one other thing that bugs me about the space. That is the railing. 

We are fortunate to have an open kitchen and eating area that looks onto a family room but the family room is sunken by a step. I really like that it is lowered because it adds interest but I am not a fan of the railing.

This is the view when looking from the family room to the kitchen. The sofa blocks most of the railing but I find the railing just doesn’t flow with the new gray kitchen. I believe the solution is a half wall bookcase. The bookcase will come into the family as to not take away from the eating space as it is already limited. The book case side will open into the kitchen and it will be a great place for cook books and perhaps another charging station.

This photo is not exactly the look I am going for but close to it. I want the majority of the bookcase to be the same gray as my kitchen cupboards but then topped with a white wood the same as my trim. I also do not want my book case as deep as the one shown but as I said, this gets the idea across.

Now to price out materials and convince some others in my household that this is a brilliant idea! 

Just Rock’in

The kitchen is looking great. The cupboards are painted, the hardware changed and the walls are painted. The kitchen is looking great but I have dreams of so much more. I have my backsplash but that can not go up until the countertop is changed. I am still undecided on what the decision will be. It will be a stone of some sort. Right now I am leaning towards what is shown below. It has my greys, the black, the cream to go with my flooring and even some browns to go with my leather furniture in the adjacent room. I think this just might be “the one”. 

Oh no you didn’t?!

My folks moved into their current home a year ago and since then they have been slowly painting and adjusting. This past week they tackled their main floor powder room. I really wish they had taken a “before” picture but for now you will have to settle for my description. The walls were pale and there was a flower wallpaper border. The vanity was a honey oak with a light laminate countertop. The taps were tired as was the mirror. 

So the Reno started when my mom saw my gray cupboards and she wanted some too! Bye, bye honey oak and welcome gray. Then she saw some really cool birch tree wallpaper and a gorgeous Quartz countertop that had to be hers. By the end we had found a new mirror, lights and tap too. The funnier piece however was the art for the wall. Too hilarious. (Not hung yet but soon!) 

 Now my dad says he feels like he is at the cottage staring at the birch trees. Could be worse I guess! 

The pictures were hard to take given the size of the space but here are a few to get the idea across.

Wow! Is that our kitchen? 

It truly is an incredible difference! From tired and dark wood to grey gorgeousness. The kitchen is not 100% complete but the difference keeps a permenant smile on my face. 

So what is there left to do?

For now we have a few minor paint touch ups and wall colour to go on. Further down the road we will have a new counter top, tap and backsplash and if I am lucky some under cabinet lights. 

But for now. I sit. I stare. I smile. 🙂