Worth The Money


I had to laugh when I saw this photo online. The paint can with white gloves and candles. This is some high class paint, there is no denying that. However, the saying, “you get what you pay for” comes into play here. This paint is costly but if you are putting in the time and want a superior finished product, I highly recommend it.

First off, this paint has no smell. The VOC’s are super low. My kids walked in the house and had no idea that the project had begun. Secondly, it has amazing coverage. After one coat you stand back and wonder if you need to do a second. You do, or should, but let me tell you it was tempting. Thirdly, drying time. This paint dries in one hour. This can be a bad or good thing for some. Just make sure you paint carefully. No thick lines from a roller.

In my reading I found out that this paint cures fully in two weeks. Some paints take up to 120 days! In my opinion this is my new favourite paint, especially for dark colours. So start saving your change because this may take a while to save up for but the end result is worth the cost.


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