Worth The Money


I had to laugh when I saw this photo online. The paint can with white gloves and candles. This is some high class paint, there is no denying that. However, the saying, “you get what you pay for” comes into play here. This paint is costly but if you are putting in the time and want a superior finished product, I highly recommend it.

First off, this paint has no smell. The VOC’s are super low. My kids walked in the house and had no idea that the project had begun. Secondly, it has amazing coverage. After one coat you stand back and wonder if you need to do a second. You do, or should, but let me tell you it was tempting. Thirdly, drying time. This paint dries in one hour. This can be a bad or good thing for some. Just make sure you paint carefully. No thick lines from a roller.

In my reading I found out that this paint cures fully in two weeks. Some paints take up to 120 days! In my opinion this is my new favourite paint, especially for dark colours. So start saving your change because this may take a while to save up for but the end result is worth the cost.


Feelin’ Groovy


Lesson to those reading this. On the coldest day of the year do not, I repeat, DO NOT primer/sealer your base cabinetry. Our house has major fumes and is freezing cold now. Oh, and everyone is feeling kinda groovy. Now everything needs to sit and cure for three days then to the real colour.

This is not a “fun” process. I highly suggest having Janice’s team at The New Place paint your base cabinetry if you ever want to go down this road. Oh, and maybe not in the middle of winter!

Phase One – Part B


Doors off and delivered. Rest of the trim added and over the range microwave removed. Went to hardware stores to pick up the supplies for Phase 2. Looking forward to seeing the next phase. Phase two involves a good cleaning, then sanding and then priming. Will update with another photo in about a weeks time.

Kitchen Phase One


So we are now in phase one on the kitchen front. Last weekend my dad and I went trim shopping. What we found was a brand new showroom on Cowansview (off Bishop by Franklin) for Cambridge Ceilings. The owner Joe there has opened his doors to the public to purchase trim. His selection is great and it is nice to see it in action on the walls.

After much discussion about options I ended up ordering all my trim from there. In the above photo the crown moulding is only up. There is another layer of moulding that will be added to the bottom of the bulkhead as well as some boxes on my peninsula to dress it up a bit. I ended up have the trim guy come in to hang my crown moulding do to all the corners on my pantry wall. 9 corners seemed a but overwhelming.

So this weekend is all about phase one.
This includes:
– trim up
– white microwave down & hood fan up
– all doors down & delivered to “The New Place” for a factory finish

Phase two is priming all the bases… I will post another photo when we get to that phase.

One side note. We have over half the doors off already and I have to say, the next couple weeks are going to be tough!!!! I realized I am FOR SURE not an open shelf kind of girl. In fact, I nearly hyperventilate every time I walk in the kitchen because the visual clutter is so overwhelming. What it is causing me to do, is organize my shelves. Maybe it is time to do a wee bit of purging and make things look pretty inside and out!

Still Dreaming


Wow! It has been a while since I have been on here! Sorry folks. My husband read my dreaming list and nearly had a heart attack.

Here is where we are with some of it.
The basement bathroom has not been started but we have now purchased the toilet, vanity, mirror & flooring. I need to find a light fixture and taps. That being said walls, ceiling and a door are a must too! I hope this weekend to tape out the bathroom onto the floor and make a game plan.

The kitchen has me really excited. This weekend I am going trim shopping with my dad. I am going to get crown moulding for the bulkheads in my kitchen because they are going to be painted out the same as my cabinets. Yes indeed. On Friday the 13th my doors and drawers go into “The New Place” to get painted. I can not tell you how excited I am to get a factory finish on them. It is going to be amazing.

So really the next couple months should be exciting around here on the decorating front. I will keep you posted along the way.