Dream On Sista


January is the month my husband dreads.
This is the month where I have a bit more time on my hands. Which means I walk around the house and plan what this years list looks like. The “list” is my dream more or less for the next year. Sometimes I even start dreaming into the following year. This year looks like it might be an adventurous one. I can just hear my hubby now, “dream on Sista” but if you don’t dream nothing changes. So here it goes:

2015 – The Dream List

– finish painting upstairs doors, trim & hall

– put in bathroom in the basement

– kitchen facelift- Cabinets refaced, new counters & backsplash, sink, taps and hood fan
(oh & hardware)

– window in the rec room

I know this is adventurous enough but if I was able I would love to complete anything from the 2016 list:

– new deck (this may have to happen this summer for safety reasons alone because the current one is rotting underneath our feet!)

– shed

– complete laundry room (cabinetry)

– redo kids music room (flooring)

– new furniture for the family room (super comfy)

So I challenge you. Walk around your home and start dreaming. It might just become a reality.


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