Dream On Sista


January is the month my husband dreads.
This is the month where I have a bit more time on my hands. Which means I walk around the house and plan what this years list looks like. The “list” is my dream more or less for the next year. Sometimes I even start dreaming into the following year. This year looks like it might be an adventurous one. I can just hear my hubby now, “dream on Sista” but if you don’t dream nothing changes. So here it goes:

2015 – The Dream List

– finish painting upstairs doors, trim & hall

– put in bathroom in the basement

– kitchen facelift- Cabinets refaced, new counters & backsplash, sink, taps and hood fan
(oh & hardware)

– window in the rec room

I know this is adventurous enough but if I was able I would love to complete anything from the 2016 list:

– new deck (this may have to happen this summer for safety reasons alone because the current one is rotting underneath our feet!)

– shed

– complete laundry room (cabinetry)

– redo kids music room (flooring)

– new furniture for the family room (super comfy)

So I challenge you. Walk around your home and start dreaming. It might just become a reality.


Bajan Colour Combo


One of my favourite exterior colour combos in Barbados can be seen in the above photo. It suits the sunshine filled island. It is so clean and bright. While driving from one parish to another my son and I were discussing that the best colour combos come from nature and then we saw this house. I told him I was stumped as to what in nature was similar to this home. He looked at me and said, “this one is simple. It is even a West Indies grown food. It is the inside of an avocado! Green with a dark brown seed.” So true he was!

2014 Review


It is at this time of year I look back at the past year and try to remember what we accomplished in the house zone of life. It feels like we haven’t done much but that is far from the truth. This past year we landscaped the front yard, leveled an area for an above ground pool in the back, painted the basement games room, finished fencing in the back yard and primed the upstairs hallway trim and doors but the big project was the kids bathroom. This was taken back to the studs and the tub traded in for a large shower and a larger vanity with granite top. I look forward to what 2015 holds in the house zone!

Water & Rock


While in Barbados we visited a place called Bathsheba. This spot is located on the east coast and the rock/ coral formations are stunning. We could have spent hours climbing all over these wonders of nature. It made me realize why I love the neutral beiges, tans and greys for my home surroundings. It is very calming, just like the many shades of Bathsheba.