Bajan Adventure


I trust everyone had a fabulous Christmas! I have not been on here the past couple weeks because I have been in Barbados. I will have stories to share and photos shortly. For now, have a belated Merry Christmas. Back soon!


Rustic Table for Christmas


At Christmas time I like the rustic feel. Natural branches, plain candles and traditional red. This table is a nice and simple way to do this. The “snow” being used here is Epsom salts. A reasonable way to create the right look.

Happy Shopping!

Ice Lanterns


I have seen these ice lanterns at friends parties in years past and want to attempt to make some.
It sounds pretty straight forward. Take a latex ballon and fill with water. Then place in freezer for 4-10 hours depending on the size. You can put them outside if the weather is much below freezing. When frozen cut away ballon and drain water. Place tea light in and voila.

I have one friend who added food coloring to hers but it does make a bit of mess when melting but a very neat idea. I wonder whst glitter or fruit would do to them?!

Anyone tried this yet?

Topsy Turvy Tree?!


So have you seen one yet?
The upside down Christmas tree?

They have been around for years but are becoming trendy so therefore in demand. Walmart and Target are even selling them now.

Some folks don’t like the idea and say it is just wrong. I did a wee bit of research and this is why I found out…

“We don’t know our Eastern Slovakian Christmas tree history very well,” says Long, an associate professor at Edmonton-based Christian institution King’s University College. Many historical accounts suggest the triangular shape of the fir tree was used to describe the Holy Trinity in Eastern Europe. By the 12th century, trees were being hung upside down from ceilings at Christmastime as a symbol of Christianity.

Who would have thought?!
Maybe next year we will have to add an upside down tree to the mix!
Happy shopping!